It’s Easy to be Tricked by a Climate Denier

Here’s what to watch out for…

Almost every page of his book includes incorrect or misleading interpretations of data or science.

Climate science is complicated, and most readers are not equipped with the background or the time to investigate claims that, when written with authority, sound truthful.

Myth 1 — Since the history of the earth includes periods of significantly higher CO2 and temperature, we shouldn’t worry.

Image from: (Wrightstone, 2017)
Image from (Wrightstone, 2017)

The fact that CO2 or temperature levels were higher than today during the times before apes or flowering plants existed on earth is irrelevant to the question of whether we want, or should allow, high CO2 levels in modern times.

Myth 2 — Global warming is not due to CO2 or Humans

Top image from (Wrightstone, 2017); Bottom image data source: HadCrut4

Myth 3 — Rising sea levels are not due to CO2 or humans

Image from (Wrightstone, 2017)

Myth 5 — Scientists don’t agree that global warming is man-made

Image from Skeptical Science

Myth 6 — Global Warming is not Creating More Extreme Weather Events

Image from (Wrightstone, 2017)
Data source: National Interagency Fire Center
Image from: National Interagency Fire Center web page
Data source: National Interagency Fire Center

Myth 7 — Ocean acidification is not a problem.

Image from (Wrightstone, 2017)

Who is Gregory Wrightstone and why did he write this book?


Solar entrepreneur, engineer, environmentalist.

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